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Do you want the chance to WIN 2 tickets to Scream Factory 2024!?

Simply vote your favourite zone of 2023 below and be in with a chance of winning 2 tickets to this years event.

But hurry - voting closes on 1st July, so make sure your voice is heard before it's too late

… as some of these zones may not be around for too much longer ...


The End Village offers food, music, and lively performances by silent clowns, doll characters, zombies, and a stilt walker, providing a festive atmosphere before and after the Scream Factory tour.

The Killer Clowns zone features glowing UV graffiti walls and the chaotic House of Fear, where clowns create an atmosphere of pure carnage. This visually striking area is filled with intense scares and unforgettable moments.


The Meat the Mechanics zone is set in an old mechanic yard where deranged hillbilly clowns run amok, featuring the eerie barn for added thrills.

The Cursed Mine takes guests down a lift into an abandoned, haunted mine, filled with eerie thrills and the ominous warning: avoid visiting the dentist.


The Demented Dimensions zone takes guests through the sewers into a house of twisted nuns and a sinister priest, creating an unsettling and eerie atmosphere.

Waking the Dead features a zombie graveyard and an old abandoned building site overrun by the undead, creating a chilling and haunting experience.


The Strangest Things invites you into a world loosely inspired by Stranger Things, where eerie occurrences and mysterious happenings await around every corner.

Toxic Cataclysm plunges guests into the abandoned cream factory, now contaminated by a chemical spill. With safety goggles on, they navigate through a hazardous environment, encountering eerie remnants of the catastrophe

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