Scream Factory: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the F.A.Q. Section. Here you will find answers to the most common questions people ask. For further information please feel free to contact us via our contact page

Is your Valentine's Tour different to the one's you do at Halloween?

Oh yes! You might recognise some things if you've been before but you'll love our new scares and romantic twists. We guarentee you'll leave holding someone's hand! 

How much are the Valentine's Tour tickets and can I just turn up?

Priority online tickets are on sale now for £18, these guarentee you entry within your chosen 30 minute time slot, entrance to the tour and a go in our photobooth where you can get yourself a FREE photo to take home. A limited number of tickets will be available to purchase on the door for £20. Book online now.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

A limited number of tickets are available on the door each evening for each time slot at Scream Factory's Extreme Tour. Please note these are on a first come first served basis and priority accessing the event is given to our pre-paid ticket holders! We open at 7pm each until October 31st.

Will I get scared?

This question is the most common but the hardest to answer!

The Extreme Tour is a themed attraction which is designed to frighten and make you jump. As you make your way through the various Scare Zones, your every sense will be heightened towards fear and impending danger. You should prepare yourself for a number of special effects including mist/fog, complete darkness and low lighting, uneven surfaces, bad odours and there is tight spaces where you may have to walk whist crouching, sudden loud noises and face to face interaction with our scare actors who will appear when you least expect them to. You will be taken by surprise and may get wet. You have been warned.

If you're taking part in the Twilight Tour, don't worry - there's nothing scary there!

Yikes! What is the Isolated Tour?

The scariest tour of them all. After listening to feedback from previous years, our brand new for 2017 Isolated Tour takes place in the dead of the night. On April 27th from 11pm, if you're feeling brave enough you'll be able to take a private walk around Scream Factory.

I have an enquiry about tickets I've purchased, help?

Any questions relating to ticket enquiries, please contact our ticketing company TicketScript. You can email them by clicking here.

I've lost my email confirmation, help?

Just as above! Please contact our ticketing company TicketScript. You can email them by clicking here.

Will I get Muddy and Wet?

There is a good chance of both!

The Scream Factory Event will operate in all weather conditions and the scare zones are located predominantly outside. In heavy inclement weather the site may get wet and muddy. As you will be expected to make your way through open woodland be prepared for uneven, wet, slippery and muddy surfaces, we advise suitable weather proof footwear and warm clothing to be worn. As some parts of the attraction may use small amounts of water you may get splashed with clean water.

Can I take the tour with my medical condition?

Only you know the answer!

It is advised those with medical conditions including: a nervous disposition, heart disorder, pregnant, suffer from claustrophobia, have a photosensitive form of epilepsy, suffer from a back disorder, diabetes, arthritis or suffer from asthma should not to enter The extreme Tour. If you suffer from any of the above why not take the Twilight Tour.

Every effort will be made to reduce waiting and queuing time however at times of high volume please be aware this is an outdoor event in October and you may have to stand and wait in cold wet conditions for some considerable time.

All tickets are non refundable, please ensure you or any member of your party are fit to enter the Scare Zone before you purchase any tickets.

Can I Smoke?

A strict non-smoking policy will be enforced throughout the site; Smoking is not permitted on the event site. If you do wish to smoke, please ask a steward who will be more than happy to point you in the direction of a place suitable to smoke.

From what age enter the extreme tour?

Parental/guardian discretion is advised:

The Extreme Tour is a 14+ Event, sensitive young children would not enjoy the particular event if they are easily scared however others who are not easily scared may enjoy the event.

Under 18's need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I take photos or film?

Not in the scare zones!

The event is enhanced by the fear of facing the unknown, as you read this you do not know what to expect and that is the way we want to keep it for every person embarking on the extreme tour. Along with mobile telephones, all other recording devices are to be switched off whilst inside the scare zones. A recording obtained inside the scare zones may infringe on our intellectual property and a request may be made to destroy it.

Can I touch the exhibits/actors?


We have a rule, if you don’t touch anything, nothing will touch you. If you do deliberately touch something, a zombie will chop you up and eat the good bits, any remains will be gathered up chucked into a black bag and left in guest services for collection for 24hrs. Then you will be asked to leave (and no you won't get a refund).

Are food and refreshments available on site?


A number of traders will be at the event and they will offer a range of food options and beverages.

Are dogs allowed to attend the Scream Factory event?

Unfortunately not, only guide dogs will be allowed access to the event.

What if I lose a personal belonging?

In the event of dropping or losing items of clothing or other personal belongings within the scare zone no search will commence until the event is closed and all guests have left the area.

You should travel light and the taking in of bags of any description or loose articles of clothing into the scare zones is not advised.

No liability will be accepted by the organisers for the loss of or damage to any item.

Can I wear fancy dress?

Plain clothing is fine!

For the safety of our actors and other guests, Head / Face Masks, Imitation Weapons of any kind are not allowed. Loose fitting or flowing costumes and no UV costumes are not allowed in the scare zone.

We will do the scary stuff if you don’t mind!!!!

What happens if I get too scared?

Once the tour commences there is no going back, unless you are directed to do so by a steward or scare actor do not stop or head backwards. CCTV is in operation and stewards are on hand to help should you need assistance.

Will the Event be canceled if it’s raining?


The Scream Factory is designed to operate in all weather conditions, you are advised to wear appropriate clothing and appropriate footwear for a walk on a cold wet October night.

How long does the tour last?

As people travel through the event at different paces it is difficult to give an exact time of how long the tour lasts. We estimate that on average the tour should take 45-50 minutes.

Are refunds available?

As stated in our terms and conditions when purchasing your tickets - all tickets are non refundable.

How old do you have to be to do the Twilight Tour?

We recommend the Twilight Tour is suitable for ages 3+ this is due to health and safety reasons as the sweets given on the tours are only suitable for children 3+

Younger children are welcomed but will not be allowed sweets.

On the Twilight tour can children under 2 have sweets?

Due to health and safety reasons the sweets given on the tours are only suitable for children 2+

Do adults need to purchase tickets to the Twilight Tour as well as children?

Yes! Adults tickets are £4 and children's tickets are £8. Everyone over the age of 2 years old needs a ticket!

Do under 18's need to have an adult with them on the Extreme tour?

All under 18's must be accompanied by at least one adult aged 18+ per group.

What is the maximum number of people that can go on a tour?

A maximum of 10 people can go on each tour departure time slot. We recommend those who wish to go through in large groups should pre-book their tickets well in advance to avoid disappointment.