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Scream Factory: Execution

It was one of mankind's darkest hours when the worforce recruited from the most troubled and twisted souls was released from the bowels of hell and was set to work within the walls of the Scream Factory.

The cured workforce is like no other. It never sleeps and it is relentless in it's hideous labours of manufacturing fear and torment. The Scream Factory never falls silent and it's vile products are intended to invade the nightmare and inflict fear into the minds of all mortal men.

Be warned! Whenever you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end or your shoulder shudder for no apparent reason, beware! It's your senses warning you a package has been dispatched and maybe it's now your turn to receive a special delivery from the Scream Factory.

The Scream Factory will forever remain behind closed doors, but night and day it churns our a range of grotesque products.

This Halloween

This Halloween season, guests can choose between two enthralling tours, the Twilight Tour is designed for guests to enjoy a gentle meander through the attraction. Young and old will have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture, live actors and features of the attraction. Whilst both tours offer a truly dedicated Halloween experience, their content lies at opposite ends of the scale. As night time falls, the the atmosphere within the Scream Factory becomes more sinister, as the shadows who lengthen the children of the dark come out to play. Those guests brave enough to depart on an Extreme Tour, will experience a heart pumping, stomach churning trail of fear and will witness firsthand the substance of nightmares.

Twilight Tour

Suitable Age: 3+ (Parental Guidance required)
Dates: Selected Dates Between October 24th & November 2nd
Times: View Available Times ›

Nothing frightening here, the Twilight Tour is focused more towards fun rather than fear. Under adult supervision, all children over the age of 3 can wander along a clearly marked out pathway. As they make their way through the carnival they will meet and receive treats from some friendly real-life characters, characters they may recognise. Due to the nature of the venue and the type of attraction, unfortunately unaccompanied children will not be allowed to take the Twilight Tour.

All children must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

Extreme Tour

Suitable Age: 14+ (Youths accompanied by an adult 18+)
Dates: Selected Dates Between October 24th & November 2nd
Times: View Available Times ›

How can we describe what happens on the Extreme Tour? All we can say is if you're lucky enough to make it out, you won't forget what happened in a hurry!

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With all the sounds, odours and backdrops you would only expect to find on a Hollywood movie set, this unique and creative horror attraction will prove to be a Scream for young and old alike. Focused on quality, the Scream Factory is committed to giving you a fright (we mean an experience) for an affordable price. Come along and be in the move for just a little more than it would cost to normally watch one!

We look forward to serving you!